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Who I Help + A Little About Me

I help holistic health & wellness entrepreneurs with social media management, Pinterest management and general administration so they can focus on changing their clients’ lives.

Hi, I’m Ashely! I am a retired legal assistant, I previously worked in Personal Injury. I decided a 9-5 career wasn’t right for me, I wanted to be home to raise my son and fur baby, Harley the pup.

I specialize in social media & Pinterest management. However, I love to learn and I am planning on adding more services to my portfolio very soon. My favourite time of day is mornings, I love a slow morning with a cup of coffee and some me-time. If you are looking to put some of your daily stresses on to someone else, I’m your girl!

Social Media & Pinterest Packages

My social media and Pinterest management services are based on monthly packages. Pricing depends on the services required. These packages are tailored to your business, we go in-depth about your goals and implement a strategy that will yield results. Book a call with me to learn more!

General Administration Plans

My administration plans are customizable. I will take other services requests that are not listed. My plans start at 2 hours per week and go up from there to 5, and 8 hours per week. If you have any questions please book a free call, I’d love to hear from you!

Focus on your clients so you can grow your business. Make the leap and invest in your business. Book a call with me below.

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